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Update on Fiji this summer...

We want to inform you that the Senior Leadership of EE International have made the decision to cancel this summer's (June-July) Changemakers Program in Fiji. We are obviously disappointed, having recruited 12 young adults from around the world for this year's trip, but given the circumstances, it is a wise and expected decision. We are trusting that God's ways are higher than ours and he has everything in perfect control. We will keep you updated as to whether or not it can be run at a later date or somewhere else this year, however there is so much uncertainty that all we can really do right now is just pray. Please join us.

We pray that you and your families are staying safe and inside as much as possible. It was just announced here in Florida that there will be a State-wide 'stay at home' order starting at midnight tonight. These are certainly interesting times, yet we have a great opportunity to seek God and love on our neighbors. We encourage you to do the same.

Our son Tim started online classes today, so we have become full-time tutors overnight, haha. We see this time as a perfect opportunity for him to put his head down and graduate Middle School, as he is currently behind on a number of classes and needs to to bring up his grades. He really doesn't do well in a classroom setting, but does great with one to one learning, so it is in some ways a blessing that he doesn't have school. Pray for perseverance and patience for us.

Lastly, just a reminder, if you are interested and have the time at home, check out EE's online training that I mentioned in our last post. Here's the link:


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