• Ashley Deans

October Ministry Update

Since our last update, we have both started official part time roles at ITEC (Indigenous Technology and Education Center) here in our hometown. ITEC’s vision is to inspire Great Commission participation through developing, training, and equipping – developing innovative tools for missions, training indigenous believers in certain skills that will open doors for the Gospel, and equipping others to do the same. Ashley is working as the social media specialist and writer and I am the Director of Equipping. We are excited that we get to play unique roles in helping fulfill this vision here at ITEC.

Ash has recently been working alongside the Digital Outreach team as they put out weekly podcasts and videos about missions, and I am involved in helping guide, inspire and equip churches and individuals wanting to have long term impact on short term missions. I have also been tasked with ensuring the ITEC training’s have a more evangelistic and biblical focus and I have written devotionals to make this happen. I returned this week from a trip Augusta, Georgia where the Executive Director of ITEC and I met with leadership of a church there. They are rethinking their missions’ strategy and I get the privilege to walk alongside them as they do this.

This COVID season has come with many challenges, as I’m sure you are well aware. For us, it meant that we couldn’t travel to Fiji for Changemakers this year. We are blessed by the opportunity we have with ITEC to ensure we are working productively during this time. In an effort to redeem the time, we have continued to reflect on the strategy of Changemakers and have begun contemplating online training if it would come to it next year. We have also been thinking and praying about how we grow the ministry with our limited ability to travel. We are working with senior leadership of EE to develop a strategic plan to implement the program in other parts of the world. Would you join with us in praying that we will be able to travel next year and continue investing in young leaders face to face.

On a personal note, we were able to witness Tim’s baptism last month. We’ve attached the video below so you can see it too. God has definitely been working on his heart over the past few years and we are excited that we get to see him grow in his faith. He also has been doing well at school (currently passing all his subjects) and has joined the Highschool football team, which is motivating him to keep his grades up.

We have recently had the opportunity to join a Missions mobilization team at our church. As a team, we get together once a week to process through the best way to support mission opportunities in and through the church. It has been great to learn more about missions through this group and has been a good challenge for us to consider ways that we can encourage and empower the church to take part in the great commission.

We hope and pray you are well as you are reading this. Our desire is to provide more regular updates as 2020 comes to a close and hopefully, as the world begins to open back up.

Much love,

Mitch and Ash

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