• Mitch Deans

New Year, new decade!

As we enter a new decade, it is exciting to think about the impact that this program could have over the next 10 years. If we decided to only run the Changemakers program in Fiji, we would still equip over 100 young adults to take the Gospel into the world. But, we serve a big God, so we have a big vision for this program over the next 10 years! Below is a glimpse of this vision. Would you join with us in prayer as we seek to establish the program in every region of the world by 2030, and pray that God would raise up young people to lead these programs alongside us.

2019 was an exciting year for us as we launched the CM program in Fiji. We were also given the opportunity in our hometown to equip people to share the Gospel. Maddie and Bianca, our two-year interns from last years' program, will assist us as we seek to further the program and equip more people locally this year. Pray that we can join God where he is at work and that he would allow us to succeed in what we set out to accomplish.

On a personal note, 2019 ended with a bang! And I mean that quite literally, as a car lost control and crashed into ours. Our car was totaled so please pray that we are able to get a new one soon without it being a significant financial burden. We are thankful to God that we are all ok, which at the end of the day, is the main thing!

If 2019 ended with a bang, 2020 began with a blessing! As you know, Tim has been living with us for over a year and a half now. Last week, we attended his family's court hearing and the judge decided to close his case and grant us permanent guardianship of him. This is something Tim has dreamed about and prayed for ever since he spent his first night in our home. We are grateful for the opportunity to care for Tim and would ask for your prayers in this new season and that we would be able raise Tim to love and serve the Lord.

2020 is going to be an exciting year. We are going to continue establishing EE Changemakers and working on the process for the two-year element of the program. We will be back in Fiji in June and we are excited to already have 9 applicants for the six-weeks there. We are currently planning for this and are in the final stages of recruitment. If you know a young adult who is passionate about sharing the Gospel and who might be interested in joining us in Fiji, feel free share our contact info with them or direct them to our website

Looking forward with expectation to see all that God will do this year and decade. Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Much love,

M & A (& T)

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