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Bitter-Sweet Season

Since the last time we posted, we have made a difficult decision to leave our roles with EE. This decision wasn’t made lightly as we truly valued our time with the ministry and had a desire to play our part in establishing the Changemakers program around the world. We pray as we leave this role that God would raise up more leaders who will be able to take the interns program forward. At various times throughout this year, we will be working with Rod Story (who is overseeing all of EE International’s projects) on a consultation basis to help relaunch the Changemakers program in 2022.

We now find ourselves in a bitter-sweet season as we have transitioned to full-time work with another ministry called ITEC (Indigenous peoples Technology and Education Center). We have been volunteering with ITEC since May last year and have been offered an opportunity to be a part of the team. We wanted to update you on this news but also share about ITEC and our new ministry roles.

ITEC is a small ministry based in our hometown of Dunnellon, Florida with a core group of 25 staff and volunteers. We primarily work with Indigenous Churches around the world and equip them to take the Gospel to unreached people groups.

ITEC’s vision is to inspire Great Commission participation through developing, training, and equipping – developing tools and training programs for short term missions, training indigenous believers in certain skills that will open doors for the Gospel (particularly in places where they otherwise would have no access), and equipping others to do the same both domestically and abroad.

The ministry has a connection to the martyr of five young men in 1956, who were trying to make contact and share Jesus with the Waodani Tribe in Ecuador – the idea for the ministry actually came from the men who killed these men. Long story short, they later heard the Gospel, followed Jesus and wanted to be involved in missions themselves. Talk about a story of God’s grace and transformation!

Today, ITEC seeks to build interdependent relationships with the indigenous church around the world and equip them through short term training trips. If we could summarize ITEC’s work in one word it would be ‘empower’. The church in developing and third world countries is often sidelined by the western church’s mission efforts. At ITEC, we desire to empower indigenous believers to be involved in God’s purposes and make disciples in their own nation.

As for our involvement in this ministry, Ashley is working with the media team as the social media specialist and writer. She works closely with the Director of Media and Marketing and is currently planning all of ITEC’s content for 2021, using her skills in photography and graphic design. The purpose behind all the content that is released is to inspire participation in the Great Commission, and not to simply to provide updates on the ministry (you can find ‘ITEC’ on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to see what she works on). She is currently working with the Media team to put together a documentary on Missions that will be released at the end of 2021.

Mitch is a part of what ITEC calls the Equip team, where he works with the Executive Director to guide churches in the US and abroad towards sustainable, short-term missions. We currently have 3 churches in the US that we are partnered with and multiple speaking opportunities coming up this year. ITEC is wanting to incorporate more of a biblical and evangelistic focus into their training model and Mitch has been working on this. We are also going to be starting an official Interns program and using our skills and experience from EE to do this. We are excited by what’s ahead and that we get to have unique roles in helping fulfill the vision at ITEC.

If you want to find out more about ITEC, check out the website at . For a quick overview of the ministry, go check out this video:

Much love,

Mitch & Ash

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