• Mitch Deans

An update on Tim

As some of you may have heard, Tim is no longer living with us. About a month ago, quite unexpectedly, he decided to go home to live with his family. This really saddened us as he had become a huge part of our little family and we loved him like he was our own son.

On Tuesday last week we attended a court hearing as Tim's mother submitted a request to have him stay. Tim expressed his wishes during the hearing and the judge went ahead with the motion for him to be permanently reunited. As such, we no longer have legal responsibility for Tim and although it saddens us, we respect his decision.

As we grieve and process through not having Tim in our lives, we have had time to reflect on all of the good times that we had with him over the past two and half years. We are grateful that God gave us the opportunity to love on him and invest in his life. It is the most challenging thing that we have ever done, but we have learnt a lot in the process and will cherish the great memories that we made with him.

We hope to maintain some form of relationship with him, but at this stage we are focusing on ourselves and our marriage. It is our prayer that he continues to seek God and make wise choices for his future. Please pray for Tim and for us as we enter into this new season.

A big thank you to everyone who supported us and checked in on us over the past few years. We truly appreciate you.

Much love,


Tim's first visit to Disney World back in 2018.

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